12 Benefits of A+ Certification

1. Customer Confidence: Your A+ certification demonstrates that your agency is certified for having met the stringent standards of the Home Care Standards Bureau. This third-party certification assures families, community partners and partner facilities that they are choosing the right home care agency and will make a significant difference in your agency being selected over your competitors.

2. Free Caregiver Education: All of your caregivers and staff have free access to hundreds of online caregiver education courses provided by CaregiverList, the nation’s leading provider of caregiver education. This benefit provides you with an efficient and well documented training program, keeping your agency in compliance with your state regulations and reducing the workload on your human resources department. And, caregivers love it!

3. Increased Referrals: The A+ certification builds confidence and credibility with your referral sources and partners such as assisted living facilities, rehabilitation centers, churches, social workers, elder law attorneys, and community organizations. Having a third-party certification enhances your credibility especially with referral sources who have a fiduciary responsibility.

4. Customized Video: You will be provided with a customized video that you can use on your website and social media sites. You can also share the videos with families considering using your agency for services.

5. Full Color Brochures: You will receive an initial free supply of 250 full color tri fold brochures personalized with your agency logo, contact information and a concise explanation of the HCSB certification standards you are meeting. Plus, holders will be included for your referral partners to display the brochures in their offices. You will receive up to 500 additional brochures annually at no cost and upon request.

HCSB Brochure Sample (PDF)

6. Exclusivity: HCSB is building an exclusive national network of certified agencies. After an agency is certified in a city (with a population of 300,000 or less) we stop actively seeking other agencies in that city.

7. Powerful Closing Tool: A twenty-page OFFICIAL COMPLIANCE REPORT about your agency including copies of your insurance, HCSB application, audit sample, Code of Ethics and Standards and more. This will make a significant difference for your agency when you show the report to families and community partner organizations.

Compliance Report Example (PDF)

8. Caregiver Hiring and Retention: The combination of being A+ certified and our free online caregiver education helps you attract and keep caregivers longer.

9. Co-branding on Your Website: HCSB participation allows you to display on your website and marketing materials that your agency has met our stringent standards and has been certified with the coveted A+ certification.

10. Co-branding on the HCSB Website: We’ll build your landing page on our website linking between your website and our agency locater creating a seamless flow for prospective clients searching for the right Home Care agency in your city.

11. Press Releases: Press releases prepared and distributed by HCSB explain why your agency has been certified and how you continue to pass the requirements of ongoing certification. These press releases can also be placed on your website and in local media.

Press Release Example (PDF)

12. Framed Certificate: You will receive a framed certificate showing your agency is A+ certified and one extra certificate to carry with you when meeting with families and discharge planners.

Certificate Example (PDF)