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Hands of Heart Home Caregivers

Our mission here at Hands of Heart Caregivers is pretty simple. We are always exploring new ways of assisting our aging adults with consistent and remarkable home care. Our goal is to enable them with quality care that allows them to live healthier, cheerful, more productive lives within the privacy of their own home. This is one main reason why we have tailored our services and home care plans to fit mostly any lifestyle and living arrangement imaginable. We gladly embrace great balance and it shows throughout our cheerful and highly skilled staff of Care Crusaders.

Hi, we would like to personally thank you for your divine interest in Hands of Heart Caregivers. We are a small company with huge hearts, and we employ some of the most dedicated and loving Caregivers that Birmingham Alabama has to offer. We are also delighted to inform you that Hands of Heart Caregivers offers the highest class and lowest hourly rates of in-home care in Birmingham Alabama and surrounding areas. I know that you are wondering why our caregivers/CNA, sitters, are and skilled staff often referred to as “Care Crusaders”, let me explain. Biblically crusaders were warriors whom dedicated themselves to two main things;

1. Being a warrior
2. Acting as a Protector (of)

As time progressed and more and more client testimonials would come in we began to compare the CNA’s and Health Aides of Hands of Heart to the personality traits that a crusader would be known to possess. Our Care Crusaders are warriors of administering consistent care, love, knowledgeable skills, and patience within the Home Care Realm. They have repeatedly rated above board when it comes to protecting the solution of Home Care and proving that it is the BETTER ALTERNATIVE. On our site we have highlighted many of the key services here at Hands of Heart Caregivers and the reasons that we have become Birmingham Alabama most trusted source in reliable home care.
I know first hand, there are many things that we here at Hands of Heart take into deep consideration; and one of those things is that we are well aware that when it comes to selecting the right care crusader for in-home care it can be a task. That’s why we have put together this site in hopes to comfort and enable you to better identify just what Hands of Heart Caregivers commitment to seniors and aging adults is all about. Feel free to visit our many resources we have placed here as well as requesting any additional information that you may find helpful to you at this present time. As always- remember Hands of Heart is “THE GOOD NEWS OF HOME CARE.”

We are Birmingham’s #1 Live-In Care Crusaders. Our care crusaders are proficient and qualified in round-the-clock care. We want to ensure our clients and their loved ones that they can have a divine peace of mind with our care crusaders providing assistance with ALL daily activities, personal needs, and companionship care that warms the heart. We strive to provide the feeling of security that someone is there with your loved ones at ALL times/24-7. Your loved one will be placed with selected care crusaders that they can build a bond with. Because we have found that many care attendants within the home tends to bring about confusion and the client is unable to form a general understanding of the assistance being administered

Services we provide:

  • Cooking/Meal Preparation
  • Light Housekeeping
  • Daily Bath Packages
  • Bathing/Grooming/Dressing Assistance
  • Errand Service for Pharmacy/Supermarket etc.
  • Appointment Transportation
  • Assistance with Transport to wheel chair/bed
  • Assistance with Walking
  • Assistance with Range of Motion Excercises
  • Daily Log Monitoring Reports
  • Medication Reminders
  • Laundry
  • Incontinence Care Assistance
  • Companionship and Prevention Care Services

For more information, please visit us at: http://www.handsofheartcaregivers.com/